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Malta Yacht Registration ​

Malta Yacht Registration – Let Us Take Care Of It!

Malta yacht registrations can register your vessel with a provisional registration of 6 months within 2/3 days, if you have provided us with the correct documents. Provisional registration can be used all over the world while we continue with your permanent registration.

Anyone can own a yacht under the Maltese flag but EU, EEA and Swiss nationals may hold the yacht under their personal name while others would need to hold the yacht through a Maltese or foreign company. It is not required that the owner of the yacht resides in Malta or even in the EU. The place of residence of the owner is not relevant at all.

If the owner is not resident in Malta or the yacht is not owned by a Maltese company we will act as the vessels resident agent. This is a big advantage when compared to other EU vessel jurisdictions which usually require the person to be resident in the country concerned.

In order to receive the permanent registration, we will have to send Maltese Registrar of Ships additional documents but as mentioned we have 6 months to comply. If you cannot get all paperwork finished within 6 months we will apply for an extension giving us another 6 months to collect the papers needed.

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