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Polish Yacht Registration

Polish Yacht Registration – REGISTER FOR LIFE!

Registering your boat in Poland is great value! The registration process does not require too much paperwork, no survey is needed and the best part is; it is valid for life! This registration is an actual flag registration and as Poland is a full European Union member, it is valid all over the world.

Documents required for the Registration of a vessel:

  • The application in Polish which we will prepare for you

  • Notarised bill of sale or original invoice

  • CE certificate clearly stating dimensions of the vessel or in case if you are not able to supply a CE certificate proof of an inspection showing the size, what it contains, length, width, tonnage certificate

  • Deletion of the previous flag if applicable - in case of new build ITC issued by the builder.

  • Passport or company registration documents

  • All documents have to be translated into Polish and originals or legalised originals have to be send with the application request (this service is included in the price)

Advantages of registering under the Polish flag:

  • Valid around the world

  • Official Flag Registration

  • Possible for all nationalities

  • Registration in 2 weeks

  • No yacht survey (if under 15m)

  • No Maritime restrictions

  • Includes all translations to Polish

  • Valid for Life!

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