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Delaware Yacht Registration

Advantages Of Registering A Vessel In Delaware, USA:

There are several important reasons for vessel owners to register their boat under the Delaware (USA) flag: rules and regulations are less strict than most other countries, the costs are much lower, it is valid for 3 years and it is valid around the world. On board of a boat the law of the Flag applies, in this case the Delaware (USA) law / legislation. We have clients from around the world that register in Delaware.

  1. A non-US citizen may own a Delaware LLC which in turn can own a vessel registered in Delaware 

  2. Delaware has no sales tax, personal property tax, intangible tax or stock transfer tax. 

  3. Delaware has NO corporate income tax assessed for income derived outside of the State of Delaware. 

  4. A Delaware LLC can protect the boat owner from personal liability that may stem from any damage that can possibly occur, whether the fault of their boat or the operators of their boat at the time. 

  5. Sheltering a boat under a Delaware LLC also allows the owner to maintain his/her privacy. In Delaware, information about the members of an LLC is not required to be filed with the state, and is not on the public record. 

  6. Cost of registration and incorporation of a Delaware company is inexpensive. 

  7. Cruise in the United States (you must fly the flag of the country of the owner of the LLC) 

  8. Your registration is valid around the world 


What Documents Are Needed To Register Under The Delaware(USA) Flag:

The documents required to register your boat vary depending on if the vessel was new OR used when you bought it and if you register as private or company ownership please contact us for more information.

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